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News : March 2010

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What is smart wiring / structured cabling ?


In simple terms it allows all your technologies to be cabled / linked to a central hub hence making distribution of technologies to all points in the home possible.

Video distribution - allows you to view and control you DVR, PAY TV, CCTV cameras at any TV point in the home.

Data & Telephone are networked to any point in the home.

Music / Radio can all distributed to any point in the home.

Intercom system & Door video Monitors.


We can plan and pre-wire you new home for smart cabling or integrate cabling in your existing home.


example of floor plan design / Layout of smart cabling.








Hitachi 42'inch Plasma Myer promo.


3 x 3  Videowall Seven TV network.


3 meter C-Band international dish.

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